For the best experience of Mr. Storm products we highly recommend you to learn more about the products before using them. 

Candles of Mr. Storm

The candles of Mr. Storm are made of sustainable palmwax. The extraction of the materials is certified. The performance of the candles are highly depended on the circumstances. Your shopkeeper is the best person to advice you about that but we give it a try. Place the candle in a wind-free area. Trim the wick(s) every time before you burn the candle. Otherwise the flame will be too high and fidgety.  Around 6mm is our advice. Don't forget to let the wax is pooling. That means you let the wax reach the edges of the glass in a liquid way.  Otherwise your candle starts to tunnel. 

Safety instructions are written on the bottom of the glass. 

Diffusers of Mr. Storm

The diffusers of Mr. Storm are your perfect partner in area's where you want to add some Mr. Storm vibes. The performance of the reed diffusers are depending on the circumstances where it's placed. If the place is windy you won't catch the 4 months. But if it's a quite place, 4 months of enjoying your diffuser is easily to catch is our experience. Switch the wooden reeds from time to time to boost the fragrance experience.

Safety instructions are written on the back of the box.