Products of Mr. Storm

Single Wick 280ml

The single wick of Mr. Storm is a candle made of sustainable palmwax. Available in 8 fragrances and a 40 hours burning performance. Please take care for the right conditions. Instructions are noted on the backside of the box. 

Double Wick 350ml

The Double Wick of Mr. Storm is a real fragrance booster! 2 wicks will spread the fragrance in your living space. Just like with the single wick it's very important to treat your candle as adviced. Instructions are noted on the backside of the box as well. 

Diffuser 150ml

The diffusers of Mr. Storm are available in all the 8 Mr. Storm fragrances. Under the right conditions they have a performance of nearly 4 months. Before you place the diffuser on your favorite fragrance spot please read carefully our advices. You will definately won't regret.